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Bu Bu Jing Xin - Chapter 21

Title: Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling By Each Step)
Pairings: Kyuhyun centric, there will be various pairing/friendships, main wonkyu though hankyu, eunkyu, kyumin, changkyu also present. Also Hanchul, Eunhae, Minsu, and so many others I can't actually remember them all.
Genre: Historical, humour, angst, romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: There will be character death (near the end though), plus some characters will have really sad endings (for spoilers watch the drama!) and also will probably add smut sometime.
Summary: Kyuhyun gets hit by a car and wakes up not in the the body of a 25 year old computer analyst like he expected but in the body of a 16 year old noble boy in the Qing dynasty. Confused and annoyed he then ends up entangled in the lives of the Princes he had learnt about in history class, as well as one of the messiest battles for the throne in China's history.

A/N: This is a SuJu version of the drama Bu Bu Jing Xin. I don't know whether anyone has written one before, if they have let me know, I'd love to read it! I will be sticking to the plot quite closely, I am in no way amazing enough to think up all this, I will change some stuff and add side stories of some characters that I love to bits and wanted developing more. I have no idea why I decided to post this. I think my love for this drama and Kyuhyun one day decided to drive me crazy.

Chapter 21:

“Gege, my days on the Eighth’s estate were the happiest I’ve ever had. Operas, fighting, quarrelling with Tenth Prince, being teased and teasing Fourteenth Prince, playing with the servants, running around with Thirteenth Prince… I miss those days so much. I was happy.”

“Are you not happy now?” Mi asked solemnly.

“The Emperor treats me very well.” Kyu admitted but he pulled a face as he didn’t have anything else to say.

“You have served so many years now. Do you have any plans for the future? Do you love anyone?”

“A few years ago gege told me not to love anyone.” Kyuhyun pointed out to the other.

“That was because when you entered the palace, I didn’t know whether the Emperor would choose you or not. If you had been in love and he had chosen you or had married you off to someone else…” Mi thought about his own unhappy marriage where he had become a shell. “But now you are grown up and also well-liked by the Emperor. You can have your own opinion. You can’t be a palace maiden for the rest of your life,” Mi grasped Kyuhyun’s hand as he asked heavy questions that the younger had been avoiding. “You’re still wearing this.” The elder smiled as he felt the jade bangle that had never left Kyuhyun’s wrist since the day Hangeng had placed it there. “If you truly like the Thirteenth Prince, then you should ask the Emperor to allow you to marry him.” Kyuhyun remembered that his brother had assumed the trinket was from his friend.

“You misunderstood. Thirteenth Prince and I are just good friends.”

“What about Tenth Prince? He still thinks well of you. But his wife is a bit…” Mi trailed off as he was reminded of the fights that had often occurred between Donghae and Kyuhyun when they were younger.

“Fighting with another person my entire life over a man, that’s not what I want at all!” Kyuhyun stated firmly. He knew he never wanted to be trapped in a marriage were he had the other wives constantly trying to bullying one another. He had witnessed his brother’s marriage as well as several others since he had come to this time. Plus he hoped that he would marry someone that he loved. He would rather die or stay in the palace forever than be trapped in a loveless marriage.

“What about Fourteenth Prince?”

“Gege!” Kyuhyun finally exclaimed from frustration though he had a smile on his face. “If and when I get married it will be because I love them and they only love me.” Kyuhyun knew that his brother was only concerned with his future so he couldn’t bring himself to get mad at the others prying. Mi’s face became pained and Kyuhyun knew that the older was remembering his past.

“You still remember him don’t you?”

“I have tried to forget but I can’t.”

“Do you hate the Eighth Prince?” Kyuhyun asked gently, he had wanted to know the answer for a while.

“I do not hate him,” Mi smiled weakly at the nervousness of his brother’s tone. “But I cannot forgive him. Just as I cannot forgive myself.”

Kyuhyun looked at the guilt in Mi’s eyes and wished he could convince the elder to let go but he knew that Mi could be the only one to scale the wall that he had built around himself. No one else could breach it.

“Gege, how have you been doing the past few years?”

“I have been as I was before.”

Kyuhyun’s heart clenched at the thought of his brothers depression and felt guilty that he had been unable to see or contact him more. Being trapped in the palace just like Mi had been trapped on the Eighth’s estate – neither had any freedom.

A servant of Sooyeon asked them if the paintings had been finished.

“These painting are really beautiful,” Sooyeon gushed. “I have never seen any like them.”

Kyuhyun smiled as he thought of his painting style. It wasn’t technically the way he was supposed to draw. He took elements of what he had learnt in art class when he was at school, so these looked slightly different to how classical Chinese artists painted. He didn’t go way out like he used to – he remembered drawing a manga strip once and Sunny’s shocked and confused face.

“Thank you My Lady,” Kyuhyun politely replied.

Sooyeon looked up at the standing boy as she sat in her chair examining the paintings and her eyes widened as she noticed the bangle. Kyuhyun seemed to sense the woman zoning in on it and shifted it behind his back hoping that she had not recognised it. Had Hangeng shown it to his mother? What would she do if she did recognise it? She wouldn’t tell anyone would she? No she wouldn’t Kyuhyun decided; she would have learnt discretion after so many years in the palace and as one of Kangin’s consorts. She would never gossip or enquire about her sons business. Kyuhyun worried what she would think about him though. He was wearing a bangle of his brother-in-laws, practically branded as Hangengs, yet not married nor promised to him.

“I am tired now, I shall rest,” Sooyeon said. “You may go Kyuhyun.” The woman dismissed the boy and let her son-in-law attended her. Kyuhyun left the room as Mi asked his “mother” if she was alright.


Kyuhyun walked quickly back to his quarters, his mind crowded with thoughts about Hangeng and his eventual fate. Siwon would never forgive Hangeng for his scheming and would eventually kill him. Kyuhyun knew this and he didn’t know how to forget Hangeng, he didn’t want to love someone he knew would die tragically and cruelly. Just as he didn’t want to be attracted to Siwon who he knew would be capable of cruelty in the future, even if it didn’t seem like he could be at the present time. How could he forget Hangeng? How could he ignore Siwon? He was trying but it was impossible.

He yelled out in frustration as he slammed his door open.

“I take it this was a bad time?” Changmin asked, his eyes widened at the sight of the red faced Kyuhyun. He was sat at the table inside of Kyuhyun’s personal quarters, something that would be incredibly impolite if it had been anyone else.

“A very bad time. Yet you can distract me from my thoughts,” Kyuhyun told his friend.

“You want a distraction?” Changmin mused, before grinning. “How about a present? It is your birthday! No bad thoughts on birthdays!”

“What did you get me?” Kyuhyun felt lighter and happier already in the presence of his closest friend. The heaviness of his thoughts were already drifting off and he relaxed into the familiar presence. He sat down opposite the other at the round table.

“Wine of course!” Changmin looked half offended that Kyuhyun would’ve expected anything different.

“Of course,” Kyuhyun agreed as he was past a glass that had been sitting on the table.

“To few thoughts and an easy mind!” Changmin drank heavily and thus began an evening of laughter and easy talk between two friends who felt most at ease when they were together. Kyuhyun didn’t think once that night of the troublesome thoughts or nightmares that bothered him every other night.


Part 2

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