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Bu Bu Jing Xin - Chapter 4

Title: Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling By Each Step)
Pairings: Kyuhyun centric, there will be various pairing/friendships, main wonkyu though hankyu, eunkyu, kyumin, changkyu also present. Also Hanchul, Eunhae, Minsu, and so many others I can't actually remember them all.
Genre: Historical, humour, angst, romance
Rating: PG-13 (I looked it up!)
Warnings: There will be character death (near the end though), plus some characters will have really sad endings (for spoilers watch the drama!) and also will probably add smut sometime.
Summary: Kyuhyun gets hit by a car and wakes up not in the the body of a 25 year old computer analyst like he expected but in the body of a 16 year old noble boy in the Qing dynasty. Confused and annoyed he then ends up entangled in the lives of the Princes he had learnt about in history class, as well as one of the messiest battles for the throne in China's history.

A/N: This is a SuJu version of the drama Bu Bu Jing Xin. I don't know whether anyone has written one before, if they have let me know, I'd love to read it! I will be sticking to the plot quite closely, I am in no way amazing enough to think up all this, I will change some stuff and add side stories of some characters that I love to bits and wanted developing more. I have no idea why I decided to post this. I think my love for this drama and Kyuhyun one day decided to drive me crazy. Also this is betaed by my wonderful friend Miki.

Chapter 4

Kyuhyun hurried out of his room. He had taken longer than he expected getting ready having been finishing Eunhyuk’s birthday present. He thought to himself that he wished he could have done something more but the Prince could easily buy anything he wanted and he had limited skills in this time period so he had to think of something that he could do that no one else would have done before. It was harder than he thought it would be. He was running late because Sunny had insisted on spending even more time making him look good. He was wearing a deep blue gown with silver detailing and more makeup than he would have liked. He had never understood makeup wearing in either time period. He supposed he have to get used to it since Sunny insisted he couldn’t go out without being caked in the stuff.

He rushed towards ZhouMi who was talking to one of the servants about when they should start bringing out the wine. He patiently waited for the conversation to finish before he asked, “When will the Princes arrive?”

“Sometime soon I suppose, everything is ready for them.” Looking Kyuhyun up and down he said, “You look really nice Kyuhyun, I like that gown.”

“Thank you ge. You look really nice too.” Kyuhyun smiled at his brother who was in a light mauve gown and had an elaborate headcomb balanced on his head with various decorative flowers. “When do-?”

His sentence was cut off by the arrival of Donghae and Heechul, who calmly walked into the courtyard which was decked with lanterns and decorations. The stage placed in front of several tables, with the performers waiting in a room at the back for when they would be called to start entertaining the Princes. The servants were all on standby around the area, and wine, food and tea were already to be served at a moment’s notice. ZhouMi and the servants around him had crouched down immediately at noticing their entrance, Kyuhyun followed reluctantly a few seconds later, hating that he had to be deferential to two people he disliked immensely and had no respect for. Heechul was dressed in his customary red with birds and cherry blossom sown along the hem and at the shoulders. Donghae was wearing a turquoise gown with green and blue swirls and ripples as decoration, the detail showed how expensive the gown must have been.  As they approached, Donghae looked at Kyuhyun smugly, happy that Kyuhyun had to be respectful, especially since Kyuhyun’s face was now twisted into a bitter frown, showing the displeasure he was feeling.

Looking around with condescension Donghae addressed them both, “It’s quite plain isn’t it; do you really think this is good enough? Aren’t you nervous that you will embarrass the Eighth Prince with this meagre display?”

Kyuhyun tensed at the insult that Donghae had aimed at his brother and prepared to pounce on the other when ZhouMi spoke, “My Lord told me to plan a family meal where the Princes could relax. I thought that this setting would allow the Princes to do as they pleased with not restrictions.”

Donghae, seeming to become annoyed at ZhouMi defending himself, let his sharp tongue take over. “Maybe you don’t know what is appropriate, maybe you shouldn’t have been allowed to host this,” He spoke harshly, pushing the barriers boarding on inappropriateness himself.

“Donghae,” Heechul softly called his name, not in a tone saying that he disagreed with what Donghae had said but more likely that the other should maybe not say such things out loud. If Hangeng heard that he was questioning his decision to have ZhouMi plan the celebration and in such a loud way to the Ce’fujin’s face, Donghae would be punished, or more likely Heechul would earn the anger because he was in charge of the younger. He carefully stated, “Zhou Mi spent a lot of time and effort planning this celebration.”

Kyuhyun fumed, wishing that the boy who was before him would disintegrate with the power of his mind. His intense glare was noted by Donghae who looked back with as much hatred and scorn that he could muster.

“ZhouMi needs to spend a lot of time and effort to gain his husbands favour.” Donghae smirked at the one he insulted as Kyuhyun inched to punch the other. He knew that the Princes would arrive any moment though and he couldn’t allow ZhouMi to come under anyone’s disapproval for not being able to control Kyuhyun yet again.

“Stop talking Donghae. Prince Hangeng will get mad.” Heechul snapped at his younger brother.

“You only reprimand after he has spoken his mind,” Kyuhyun spat out at Heechul, angry that the older man had let his brother insult ZhouMi with the words he himself had probably spoken. The older had let his brother speak for him by proxy to protect himself should Hangeng catch wind of this exchange. Donghae and Heechul’s faces showed the shock at being talked to in such a rude way; they never had been disrespected, coming from a one of the most powerful families in the city.

“Kyuhyun,” ZhouMi tried to control his own younger brother in much the same way as Heechul had done. However this time, Kyuhyun spoke for himself, ZhouMi content to take the contempt that the other two poured on him.

Looking enraged Heechul came forward, ready to flash his venomous tongue that he tried to keep leashed, but finding himself unable to after hearing the tone of voice of the brat in front of him. However, the Princes choose this time to pour into the courtyard. The four men who had been waiting automatically masked their faces with benign smiles and went to greet the group of royal brothers who had come to celebrate the birthday of one of their own.

Eunhyuk and Hangeng were at the forefront, and they were the first to greet the waiting group, telling them and the servants to rise from their bows. Kyuhyun if he didn’t know better would have thought that Eunhyuk was on an epic sugar high, as he watched his friend struggle to keep still, bouncing on his toes of his feet. Eunhyuk however hadn’t noticed Kyuhyun yet; he had gotten distracted by Donghae, who he always thought was good looking, but hadn’t told him because the fear of the smaller man outweighed any admiration. However today he said what he thought before remembering who he was saying it to, “You look very pretty today Donghae.”

Donghae blushed and looked genuinely pleased and surprised. He loved compliments but he never expected them from the foolish man in front of him. Before he could reply he was cut off from an exclamation from a Prince, he was one of the younger ones but Kyuhyun had never seen him before, “I heard that a beauty had joined your estate Eighth brother, but the rumours didn’t do this good looking boy justice!” He laughed and asked, “So this is Kyuhyun who I have heard so much about?”

“How did you know it was Kyuhyun, 12th brother, ge?” Sungmin asked, identifying the Prince for Kyuhyun.

“Process of elimination,” The older boy grinned at the youngest.

The group had turned to look at Kyuhyun who was startled by the sudden announcement, he thought to himself that he didn’t want this kind of attention, as if he was a new possession to look at. He also didn’t like being complimented, it made him blush heavily, staining his cheeks a bright pink which was still visible through the make-up. Donghae huffed at losing attention to the other boy. Kyuhyun was nothing special as far as he was concerned. Even Eunhyuk who had complimented him had disappeared. Eunhyuk on seeing his friend had ran over, “Kyuhyun! You look pretty today as well!” Kyuhyun was embarrassed at all the people looking at him and also being described in such a way. He knew he could pass for a girl, he had dressed up as one for a prank in high school, but being called pretty and a beauty was annoying him ever so slightly. He couldn’t say anything though, to talk back to a Prince, he didn’t want to think about the consequences of doing so blatantly in public. He teased Eunhyuk in private but in front of his brothers, no prince would want to lose face.

“Thank you your Highness,” was the only reply Kyuhyun gave with a slight smile.

“Everything looks so good! Today is going to be brilliant!” stated the hyper Eunhyuk to his amused brothers.

“It was all due to the hard work of ZhouMi, Tenth brother, you should be thanking him,” said Hangeng, who was happy that ZhouMi’s hard work paid off and that his younger sibling seemed so excited already.

“Thank you, brother-in-law,” Eunhyuk gave a slight bow in thanks, smiling widely at the hesitate Mimi.

Heechul, looking pale, started forward towards his husband, “I am feeling unwell my Lord, do you mind if I retire?”

“Are you alright?” Hangeng became concerned at hearing this. Heechul would never leave an engagement early if he didn't, especially if it was on their own estate.

“You don’t have to worry, my Lord, it is just my head,” Heechul assured Hangeng before bowing to the watching party and leaving the courtyard, trailed by a pair of servants and Donghae. Hangeng continued to look where he had left in worry. However he could hardly abandon the celebration as the host, besides he couldn’t really provide any comfort to the other man.

“Should we start brother?” Hangeng turned to the eldest present, the collected Fourth, deferring as expected. He received a nod as all the confirmation he needed before he led the group over to a selection of chairs, letting ZhouMi call for the wine and snacks to start being served. He also called for the entertainers to start and asked if anyone had any requests for a particular opera.

ZhouMi tended to the princes, who were joking and laughing while drinking from the best wine. Kyuhyun upon realising that the he was now ignored and unattended decided to sneak off, he had skipped eating earlier due to taking longer to get ready than he thought he would (he blames Sunny completely for this). As he was escaping the courtyard he was spotted by the one who seemed to like to make his life difficult. Sunny was standing in his path with narrowed eyes, “Where are you going?”

Adopting an innocent pout, he tried to look as pitiful as possible, “I’m hungry. You didn’t let me eat earlier. What would happen if I fainted in front of everyone?” He widened his eyes, knowing that Sunny would be unable to resist his cuteness for long.
Sighing, Sunny submitted more quickly than Kyuhyun expected, “I’ll bring some food to your room, don’t get in anyone’s way. Everybody is busy and has no time to deal with you.” She moved her hands to tell Kyuhyun to hurry away, as she headed to towards the kitchen she was protecting from her master.

Kyuhyun grinned while practically running to his room; he couldn’t actually run because that was undignified, though it was probably more to do with the blasted shoes he had to wear. He waited impatiently for the snacks that he was sure Sunny would bring for him, he was glad it was his own maid he had ran into (though that was probably because she watched him with eyes of a hawk most of the time). Even though she would deny it, she would make sure to bring him some of the best treats; anyone else wouldn’t dare to take the best when there were more important people in the house.

He flopped onto his bed, partly annoyed that the celebration would be boring for him and partly happy that it would mean he didn’t have to behave impeccably because no one would be paying him attention. He was thinking about how he could get Eunhyuk’s attention to give him his birthday present when Sunny entered the room with a tray filled with food.

“I know you have empty legs so I brought plenty,” she grumbled as she placed the tray down. She looked in disapproval at her master, “Get up! You will get wrinkly, and then I’ll get in trouble!”

Sitting up, Kyuhyun tutted affectionately, “Would you be so loud with your complaints if you were the servant of Donghae?”
Making a face of disgust at her master she said, “No I wouldn’t, but I would hope that he would know how to behaviour as he ought.”

“He may know how to look but did you hear what he said today? His arrogance is outrageous.” Kyuhyun once again had the urge to punch something, his hands already tightening into fists.

“Stop that!” Sunny tapped at his hands, relaxing them. He thought that she really was acting more like an older sister every day. Thinking about sisters caused a wave of sadness to engulf him, which he tried to suppress. Now was not the time to start crying, besides Sunny was still talking, “He has every reason to be arrogant, his mother is the cousin of the Emperor and the first wife of the son of the man who helped start the Qing dynasty. He is one of the most powerful men in the Empire and his elder brother in the first wife of the Eighth Prince who is well regarded by everyone. His status is extraordinary. No one would dare criticise him to his face and whoever marries him will be extraordinarily fortunate, at least to the public.” She giggled at the thought of the poor soul that would be married to Donghae.

“Let’s pity whoever is unfortunate enough to have to marry him,” Kyuhyun laughed lowly as he started to pick at the food.

“Try not to get into trouble with him,” Sunny warned. “It would cause problems.”

“I will try,” Kyuhyun muttered before ignoring the other completely due to the delicious food that was in front of him.

Later, after he eaten he decided he should maybe go back to the party. He really needs to find a way to attract Eunhyuk’s attention and sitting in his room isn’t going to get it. He slipped out of his room and wandered back out to the party when the Crown Prince and Changmin entered. All the Princes rose as everybody in the room fell into a bow.

“Rise,” ordered the Crown Prince, he was dressed in a gold coloured gown with the insignia showing that he would be the next emperor embroidered in cream on his chest. He wasn’t any taller or more attractive than his brothers though he had an air that told everyone that he knew that he was the most important in the room. He had his hair drawn into a braid going down his back, as did all the other princes. Yoochun, the Crown Prince knew that he was the apple of his father’s eye. He had been spoilt since he was a baby, the only surviving child of the Empress, who had died when Yoochun was a newborn. He was personally raised by the Emperor instead of being sent to be raised by one of the other Royal Consorts, showing everybody how much the Emperor valued this child, his second son, above all the others. He hailed his brothers and allowed himself to be dragged to the centre of the enclosure.

“With the arrival of yourself and the death-seeking Thirteenth, we can now start drinking in earnest,” one of the brothers joked.

“You need to catch up with the rest of us,” jabbed another.

“Eunhyuk,” called Yoochun, “I am sorry for being held up, I would have sent Changmin ahead but then I would have arrived to find all the alcohol and food to have vanished.”

“I am not that bad ge.” Changmin protested. “Besides I am sure that Eighth brother has prepared plenty.”

“He may have, but it wouldn’t the first time you have emptied a house.” Yoochun teased one of his favourite brothers. Changmin kept his mouth shut but growled at eldest there.

“It is fine, 2nd brother. They are no need for apologies between brothers. You are behind the rest of us, I expect Changmin to have caught you both up by the time I get back.” Eunhyuk handed a cup to the grumpy looking Thirteenth, “At least 3.”

He bowed to the Crown Prince and walked calmly out, heading towards the toilets. However as soon as he was far enough away from the party he leant over a tree, throwing up into the bushes. Kyuhyun who had followed him, happy to finally corner him, rushed over and patted his back, holding the braid to prevent it from swinging around. When Eunhyuk rose up, Kyuhyun held out a handkerchief. Eunhyuk wiped his mouth and tried to hand it back, getting a look of disgust from the other. “You don’t expect me to take that back do you?”

“Sorry,” Eunhyuk shrugged and stuffed the cloth into out of the small pockets hidden in his robes. “Don’t tell the others.”

“You shouldn’t be drinking if you’re a lightweight-”

“A what?”

“- If you can’t handle alcohol.” Kyuhyun told the other.

“You can’t let them know. They will ridicule me.” Eunhyuk begged of his friend. When getting a look of disapproval, he said, “You can kill a soldier but you should never humiliate him.”

“You’re not a soldier.”

“Technically I am.” Eunhyuk sighed, “I could be sent to war anytime by father wishes it. I even have a rank of General-Commander.”

“Well, they do say you learn something new everyday,” Kyuhyun laughed.

“Who says that? You say strange things.” Eunhyuk pulled a face at Kyuhyun’s laughter. “Can you not imagine me as a General?”

“No,” Snorted the still laughing younger boy, causing the older to frown. “Anyway, it’s time for your present.”

“My present!” Eunhyuk was suddenly all sunshine once again.

“Yes, you need to close your eyes. I will be watching. Now take my hand.” Kyuhyun started to guide the prince away from the party and towards the pavilion, which was sat next to the pond. He led the other over the bridge, telling the older off more than once for trying to open his eyes.

“I’m watching you! Behave!” Kyuhyun sternly reprimanded the other. He released Eunhyuk’s hand, leaving him standing with his eyes closed. “Open!”

The Prince looked around himself and burst into happy laughter. The gazebo had curtains of paper cranes in every colour hanging from each side. “Did you make these?”

“1000 thousand cranes, to wish you a thousand years of happiness and prosperity,” Kyuhyun spoke. “And yes I made them all.” His grin matched the Princes. “I should sing you a song, it’s my own invention, you’ll have never heard it before,” Kyuhyun laughed at his private joke.

“You have a song for me?” Eunhyuk was speechless as he listened to Kyuhyun sing. Kyuhyun laughed to himself while he sang the modern day version of ‘Happy Birthday to You’.

Eunhyuk was astounded by the smoothness of Kyuhyun’s voice. The younger should sing all the time. Watching the other with a wide eyed awe that Kyuhyun was very happy with he failed to notice Changmin and Sungmin sneaking up behind him.

“Wow, this is pretty,” Changmin started.

“Tenth brother must be happy,” Sungmin continued.

“Very happy.”

“He probably thinks this is the best birthday ever.”

“Best present ever.”

“Why do you think that is?”

“I can guess.”

“SHUT UP!” Eunhyuk was blushing heavily at the suggestive tone his younger brothers had used. He didn’t want to be so transparent. He didn’t like being teased.

“I should go,” Kyuhyun quickly stated, smiling at the Princes.

“You shouldn’t go Kyuhyun, they should go.” Eunhyuk grumbled.

They. Did you hear the way he said that Sungmin?” Changmin asked. “It’s like he doesn’t even like us. We are his precious younger brothers.”

“I know, Changmin. The lack of love he is showing to us is breaking my heart.” Sungmin sagely added, “Maybe we are getting in the way of a special moment though.”

“I really should go,” Kyuhyun was struggling to stop from laughing at the redness of Eunhyuk’s face as his brothers mercilessly provoked him. “Excuse me, your Highnesses,” he bowed to them as he left the gazebo, listening to the younger 2 harassing their gege as he hurried away. He didn’t get very far around the pond before he bumped into Donghae. His giddiness and happiness instantly dissipated as he felt anger rise up in him.

“You should move aside if someone more superior to you approaches.” Donghae said, trying to get a rise from the other.

“Unfortunately I have no intention to.”

“You really should listen to me, I will make you, and your brother, regret your rudeness. The both of you should’ve stayed up in the North, we have no use for low class mongrels who were brought up in the barracks.” Donghae shot at Kyuhyun, it was as if he wanted to push the other to see when he would break.

Kyuhyun saw red, “What did you say about my brother?”

“Low. Class. Mongrel.” Donghae didn’t see the hand that came forward to punch him but he felt it. “You hit me!”

Kyuhyun was able to dodge the first strike but the two of them started to hit each other, mainly aiming for the upper body. They couldn’t kick or move a great deal due to the restrictive nature of their gowns.

The Princes in the gazebo noticed the cries and shouts as they attacked each other and were running over when the two fighting had slipped on the bank and fell into the deep pond. The heavy gowns started to weigh them down, changing their cries of anger to ones of asking for help. Changmin and Sungmin the fastest immediately jumped in and pulled Kyuhyun and Donghae out as other members of the party started to run towards the commotion. A collection of Princes, ZhouMi, Sunny and several servants appeared.

Donghae, who felt incredibly uncomfortable, started to cry big fat tears letting out undignified screeches that he didn’t even try to suppress. ZhouMi rushed to him, asking if he was alright, but was pushed back as the brat began to flail his arms and legs about. Everyone looked on in shock not knowing what to do. The place was full of servants and princes but all seemed apprehensive about approaching the one who was crying so loudly.

Kyuhyun who had been coughing up a little water and was being checked over by a concerned Eunhyuk and Sungmin grew fed up of Donghae’s very public temper tantrum. He was embarrassing himself, his brother, his family, the Eighth Prince, even Kyuhyun and he had pushed the only person who had come to see if he as alright, ZhouMi, away. He marched up to Donghae and shouted, “Be quiet!” He glared at him, daring him to make a peep. Donghae hiccupped but clashed his mouth shut, looking up in a mix of awe, fear and shock.

Everybody had once again turned to stare at Kyuhyun, but this time the boy didn’t feel all the gazes as he was too busy scolding Donghae with his eyes. When he had shouted everyone had been struck with fear at the fierceness of Kyuhyun’s command. The group became tense as no one seemed to know what to do.

The Crown Prince came forward and nervously laughed, knowing it was his responsibility as the most important there to easy the atmosphere, “Who knew that death-seeking Thirteenth brother had a sibling? Your brother-in-law is as fearsome as he is handsome, Eighth brother.” The other brothers smiled at the joke, before the Crown Prince said, “We should all get back to the party, we aren’t being very useful hanging around here.”

“I will deal with this Second Brother,” Hangeng bowed to the elder as he led most of the Princes and servants back to the party area. He addressed some of the servants, “Take Thirteenth and Fourteenth to get changed. Also escort Donghae to Heechul’s quarters.”

As the three of them left with different servants, Hangeng turned to ZhouMi, “Kyuhyun should go and get changed and you should go back to hosting.” He turned and left, but not before giving Kyuhyun a look that showed his disappointment and embarrassment in the youngsters behaviour.

On being left with just ZhouMi and Sunny, Kyuhyun approached his quiet brother, “I’m sor-”

His apology was cut off as ZhouMi swept out away from him, going after the Eighth Prince. Kyuhyun was left with Sunny, who sighed but didn’t tell him off like he expected. She led him away from the pond back to his room, changing him and tending to the scraps on his face, saying only one thing to Kyuhyun’s despondency, “Apologise tomorrow.”

Kyuhyun was left alone. He thought of ZhouMi and hoped that the older wasn’t going to stay mad at him. He knew that the Eighth was upset by this and that he would probably be punished, he knew Mi wouldn’t be though because it would be Hangeng handling it and he was always fair, only punishing those who deserve punishment. He knew he shouldn’t have hit Donghae but he didn’t regret doing it, he wished he had hit him harder; the other was constantly needling him. Donghae had better avoid him from now on. 

A/N: Erm... in case anyone has trouble visualising the gowns though ignore the hair (I don't want to imagine them with their heads shaved); here and here. I really fail at describing them orz they are all so beautiful.

Also is anyone good at posters? I was hoping to make a character chart so people get less confused. More characters will be introduced...

I've posted Chapter 5: here
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  • Bu Bu Jing Xin - Chapter 30

    Title: Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling By Each Step) Pairings: Kyuhyun centric, there will be various pairing/friendships, main wonkyu though hankyu,…

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