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Bu Bu Jing Xin
status: ongoing
pairing: Kyuhyun-centric, Siwon/Kyuhyun, Hangeng/Kyuhyun (various side)
genre: historical, drama
rating: PG-13
summary: Kyuhyun wakes up 200 years in the past.

Character Guide

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BBJX Side Stories:

Distant Embrace
(ZhouMi focus prequel)

Eyes on the Moon
status: ongoing
pairing: Luhan/Baekhyun, Kris/Yixing, Kris/Suho
genre: werewolf, supernatural
rating: ??
summary: wolf pack politics and romance

Prologue / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Little Problems
status: ongoing
pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae
genre: real life, family, grief
rating: pg13
summary: Eunhyuk inherits an orphaned Kyuhyun

Chapter 1

The Favourite Maknae Test
status: ongoing
pairing: SURPRISE, bff!KaiTaoHun
genre: humour, crack, non-au
rating: pg
summary: The maknaes want to know, once and for all, who is the favourite!



Christmas Drabbles
pairings: Woohyun/Sungyeol, Siwon/Kyuhyun, Kris/Suho
genre: festive
rating: PG

Super Junior

Gemini Miracle
pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
genre: space
rating: pg
summary: Kyuhyun meets some pirates

Did you miss me?
pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
genre: historical, slave
rating: pg
summary: Siwon comes home

pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
genre: romance
rating: pg
summary: growning up is difficult

Words You Can't Hear
pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
genre: angst
rating: pg
summary: Siwon can't move on


I'm a Fool for You
pairing: Baekhyun/Tao
genre: high school/college
rating: pg
summary: Baekhyun is an idiot

pairing: Tao/Sehun
genre: wolf, knotting
rating: nc17
summary: Sehun's heat hits hard and fast

pairing: Chanyeol/Luhan
rating: pg
summary: Chanyeol believes in fate

Hot Mess
pairing: Chen + guests
rating: pg
summary: Jongdae wakes up hungover

pairing: D.O/Kai
rating: NC-17
summary: Kyungsoo needs so show who Jongin belongs to.

pairing: Xiumin/Luhan
rating: pg
summary: Someone yells Dibs and the rest is history.


Bu Bu Jing Xin - Chapter 30

Title: Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling By Each Step)
Pairings: Kyuhyun centric, there will be various pairing/friendships, main wonkyu though hankyu, eunkyu, kyumin, changkyu also present. Also Hanchul, Eunhae, Minsu, and so many others I can't actually remember them all.
Genre: Historical, humour, angst, romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: There will be character death (near the end though), plus some characters will have really sad endings (for spoilers watch the drama!) and also will probably add smut sometime.
Summary: Kyuhyun gets hit by a car and wakes up not in the the body of a 25 year old computer analyst like he expected but in the body of a 16 year old noble boy in the Qing dynasty. Confused and annoyed he then ends up entangled in the lives of the Princes he had learnt about in history class, as well as one of the messiest battles for the throne in China's history.


Character Guide

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Chapter 30

It wasn’t until the spring was nearly over that Kyuhyun managed to talk properly with Changmin, the prince having accompanied his father to the temple. They rarely saw each other anymore, Changmin normally avoiding the palace and Kyuhyun nearly constantly working now that he was fit again. Even before that, there were rarely chances for a prince and a servant to socialise, especially as they had to do so secretly without anyone finding out.

Kyuhyun thought that maybe Ryeowook suspected something, and also he knew that there had been gossip in the past about Kyuhyun’s closeness to the Thirteenth Prince. But if anyone knew for sure that he was allowing Changmin to sneak into his quarters for nights of drinking he would’ve been hauled before Leeteuk, and Changmin before Kangin.

Changmin lounged on the chair opposite Kyuhyun’s, both drowsy and more relaxed than normal because of the wine they had been consuming steadily and the company which they knew would not judge them.

“On the trip last year, I spoke with Prince Junsu,” Kyuhyun spoke softly, knowing that this would be a sensitive subject.

The Qing Prince hummed but didn’t make a move, however his friend noticed the tension that suddenly filled the previously relaxed atmosphere. The royal avoided his friend’s eyes and fiddled with his wine flask.

“It wouldn’t work…”

“Is there no-”

Kyuhyun was cut off by a frustrated sigh.

“He is of the grasslands. He was raised on freedom and vast plains. If I brought him back here and placed him in a gilded cage would he survive?” Changmin’s voice was emotionless and hollow. “He is a gentle creature compared to the pretty and vicious wives of the Imperial court. They would eat him alive and he wouldn’t even realise what was happening. And Soojung… There is no way I would subject Junsu to having to be in the same household as that witch.”

“Changmin,” Kyuhyun let sympathy and understanding fill his friend’s name as he tried to think of words to comfort the other man.

“He would suffocate here. And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself watching him suffer. It’s bad enough with Qian-” Changmin stopped talking as emotion threatened to overwhelm him.
Kyuhyun remained silent but watched as his friend gulp down more wine, not in enjoyment like earlier but as a way to numb the pain and confusion.

“I couldn’t commit to him. He deserves better than me.”

Kyuhyun held his tongue and just watched, unable to find any words of comfort, as his friend drank long into the night.


The seasons once again shifted. Spring blended to Summer, the heat settling heavily over the city. Kyuhyun had been busy since the return of the Emperor but he was glad to immerse himself in the distraction of work. With the air thick and heavy, Kyuhyun was glad he lived in the Forbidden City rather than the crowded streets outside the palace. He would much rather be far into the countryside though and he was greatly pleased when Leeteuk finally approached him to start preparing for Kangin’s annual trip to the North.

That was until he saw the list of people on this year’s expedition. The Crown Prince, Fourth Prince, Eighth Prince, Ninth Prince, Thirteenth Prince and Fourteenth Prince.

Sungmin was going to be coming.

Sungmin was going to come to Mongolia as the Fourteenth Prince and was going to meet Junsu.

Kyuhyun felt like he was losing his balance while on a tightrope and there was no safety net in sight.


It wasn’t until they were in Mongolia, camped at the edge of the forest that was becoming familiar to Kyuhyun after so many visits, that he had a chance to talk to Sungmin. Or at least try to talk to Sungmin.

The prince had been avoiding Kyuhyun, still angry about Hangeng, but clearly having been told not to interfere. Kyuhyun would’ve welcomed this and allowed him to continue the avoidance, especially after the fear that filled him in their last confrontation, but he needed to talk to Sungmin desperately.

“Fourteenth Prince,” Kyuhyun approached when he saw that Sungmin was alone, having just returned from a ride. “Fourteenth Prince, I have something I need to talk to you about.”

Sungmin tethered his horse and walked away, “I have nothing to say to you though.”
Kyuhyun panicked as he tried to call quietly to the other’s back, “It’s regarding Prince Junsu.”

Turning around, Sungmin’s face became serious but still annoyed. “I owe you a favour because of that. What do you want?”

“The Mongolians arrive tomorrow, including Prince Junsu. I came to discuss how we are going to explain about last time.”

“Tell him the truth. Apologise and say a few pretty words. That should gain forgiveness.” Sungmin dismissed Kyuhyun’s concerns though he could see Kyuhyun’s worry plainly. He had no sympathy for the younger at that moment, he was still annoyed for his brother, though Hangeng seemed to have already forgiven him.

“I don’t think it will be that easy,” Kyuhyun stated. He knew that Junsu may be forgiving and gentle, but he was still the son of two warriors; he was passionate and if he realised before Kyuhyun could explain properly, he might cause a lot of trouble for Kyuhyun. There were so many possible outcomes and Kyuhyun wasn’t optimistic about surviving long if Junsu took everything badly.

Kyuhyun had lied to Junsu. He knew that lying was something that was unforgivable to the other boy. Sungmin’s attitude was not helping him try to work out what to do.

Sungmin’s face twisted, “I think that you, Kyuhyun, are the master of appeasement. So go work your skills over Prince Junsu. I’m sure you’ll manage to find a way to get out unscathed.”

Kyuhyun watched, eyes wide as Sungmin stormed away from him, not giving him a chance to reply.


Leeteuk looked with concern at Kyuhyun. The boy had arrived for duty looking pale but since the announcement that Lord Yunho and his entourage were on the way over from their camp, he had started to look worse. The boy was shaking slightly, the tray in his hands stable despite the tremors Leeteuk could see going through the child.

“Are you alright? What’s wrong?” He whispered.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” A faint smile that didn’t do anything to relieve Leeteuk’s worry before he was called over by Kangin. Lord Yunho would be arriving any minute and they needed to be prepared.

“Imperial Father.” Everyone looked up as the Fourteenth Prince came forward and bowed to his father. “I am feeling unwell. May I be excused?”

Kyuhyun felt relief flood him, though he knew this was only a temporary respite. Sungmin threw him a long look before he left the tent and Kyuhyun knew that next time he approached the prince, he would actually listen. He also hoped that this would give him enough time for him to explain to Junsu why he lied and what happened the previous year. Hopefully Junsu would forgive him, and maybe their friendship might even survive. Optimism filled him for the first time in weeks.

He even smiled as the Mongolians entered the tent and bowed in greeting to Kangin. Junsu was already eying Changmin, though the Qing prince seemed to be pointedly ignoring him. Kyuhyun frowned to see Junsu look so excited to see Changmin, yet the other man looking withdrawn. While the servant knew this was a way for Changmin to protect both himself and Junsu in the long run, it didn’t stop him feeling sorry for the Mongol prince when hurt flashed briefly across his face.

Kangin and Yunho were now discussing grandchildren, complimenting the number of sons and grandsons they each had as Kangin boasted of a new grandson. Kyuhyun sighed as they skipped over the granddaughter that was born just last month from the Fifth Prince’s Di’fujin. He wished that the beautiful girl could be boasted about so excitedly as the boys they were discussing. He always kept his feelings of unfairness to himself, only complaining to Changmin about how annoying patriarchy is and how a just society values every sex equally. Kyuhyun had grown up in a time when girls, boys and those inbetween were allowed to be whoever they wanted. Since he had come here to this time he had been forced into the subservient role that he had never been used to before and he hated it, even though he had learnt to accept it because there was nothing he could do. The prince would listen and question and argue, all without sending Kyuhyun to be punished for having such thoughts. Kyuhyun wished everyone was as open minded as his best friend.

He couldn’t stop himself from grinning as Junsu winked at him after everyone was seated. Obviously Lord Yunho was more opened minded than most if the way he allowed General Kim to do as he wanted and the way Junsu was treated as a beloved child, rather than another pawn to be married off to some general or prince or high noble who pleased Yunho. Kangin rarely talked of his daughters, except Princess Seohyun, who he exchanged monthly letters with since she left the capital to live in Yunnam with her husband, who was Viceroy over the surrounding areas.

Kyuhyun jolted out of his mindless thinking when he heard Yunho mention the Fourteenth Prince.

“He was feeling unwell,” Kangin answered. The Emperor turned to the others and asked, “Has an Imperial physician been called to see him?”

Hangeng stood quickly, bowing his head as he answered, “I believe not, Imperial Father. If you wish we can send for one now.” The Eighth Prince ordered a eunuch to fetch a physician to Fourteenth’s tent as Kangin continued talking to the room.

“Just because you are young, it does not mean you should ignore when you are unwell.” He nodded to Yunho as he added, “Since I have gotten older I have started to see the great importance of looking after oneself. Health is of the utmost importance.” Yunho smiled and agreed.

Kyuhyun couldn’t help but smile to himself as the two rulers reminded him of so much of the grandfathers who would gossip outside their houses on his street, watching the young folk, who were so busy with their lives, run around whilst complain about how everything was changing and talking loudly about whose children had better jobs or cars or spouses.

Still smiling, he caught the Fourth Prince watching him. Siwon’s eyes were sparkling with laughter, obviously finding Kyuhyun’s silent happiness amusing. His face became serious as he worried who had seen Siwon’s indiscreet staring. Averting his eyes,he instead saw Changmin raising as eyebrows and flashing him a look of warning mixed with mirth at catching such a slip. Kyuhyun almost giggled at the ridiculousness of Changmin judging him for Siwon when Changmin hadn’t noticed Junsu doing the same thing. Changmin followed his quick head tilt to see Junsu blatantly staring at him. Changmin looked as unsettled as Kyuhyun felt and both looked at each other in empathy.

What was with all the meaningful looking? Kyuhyun wished that this was less complicated but then reasoned that it probably was less messy than he thought. Tension was filling his body as Jaejoong looked unhappily between Changmin and Junsu. He wondered just what the general was thinking, though the look of disapproval definitely made most of it clear. Oh wait, Hangeng was now watching Siwon watch him. Kyuhyun mentally scolded himself as Hangeng looked away, with a definite look of hurt and confusion on his face. This was definitely a mess and Kyuhyun really needed to rant to someone so he once again locked eyes with Changmin. The prince seemed to get the hint as he rolled his eyes and nodded once very discretely.

Kyuhyun cursed whoever decided that putting all of these people in one room was a good idea, although he also sent a tiny prayer that Sungmin wasn’t here, because that would be so much worse. Though right now he really couldn’t imagine it.


Sungmin threw his book down in frustration. He hated being confined to his tent. He much preferred being outside, doing something interesting.

He looked up as Hangeng entered, “Eighth brother, you saw Lord Yunho and Prince Junsu?”

Hangeng nodded as Sungmin asked, “Is Kyuhyun still worried to death?”

“It is only natural for Kyuhyun to be worried,” Hangeng reprimanded his younger brother. “It is our fault for getting him into this predicament.”

“Ge! How can you still think of him? He broke your heart!”

“We are the cause of this. Kyuhyun lied to Prince Junsu to protect us. We shouldn’t let what has happened since then cloud the fact that we are in debt to him.” Hangeng’s face was very tired and serious. Sungmin wanted to wipe as the pain away but it was impossible. “We need to think of a way to help Kyuhyun.”

“Okay. I understand.” Sungmin sighed as he admitted to both himself and his gege. “I can’t bear to see Kyuhyun’s frightened face. He is still my friend.” Hangeng patted Sungmin’s shoulder in understanding. “But I can’t hide in my tent and avoid Junsu forever. And apologising might not work either.”

“I think Kyuhyun will try to talk to Junsu as quickly as possible,” Hangeng added. “We should apologise as well, then also try to explain. He’ll have to listen to us.”

“Agreed.” Sungmin’s mouth set as he told his older brother, “If anything comes out I will take all responsibility. Kyuhyun was protecting me so I shouldn’t let him get dragged into trouble.”


It wasn’t until a few days later that Kyuhyun managed to meet with Junsu. He hadn’t wanted to openly approach the prince or have to send a message, especially if he became angry. If someone told the prince’s parents or even the Emperor that Kyuhyun had argued with the prince and then he did or said something, it could raise questions which he wouldn’t know how to answer.

He was walking towards the Mongol camp, trying to work out a way to subtly bump into Junsu and then draw him away from any other people, when he came across the Mongol prince adjusting the flaps on his horse’s saddle.


He barely managed to ground himself before an excitable man was wrapped around him. Junsu let go and grinned so happily at him that Kyuhyun felt his stomach flop. He had deceived Junsu, who looked at him with such affection.

“Your Highness.” Kyuhyun forced a smile and bowed slightly, trying to mirror the other boy but failing miserably. “How have you been since last year?”

“Stop being so stiff and formal! You can’t have forgotten that I am your friend?” Junsu teased as he pulled Kyuhyun towards the tied horse. “I’m fine. How are you? Have you had chance to improve your riding skills?”

“I haven’t really had much time. I fell ill during the winter.” Kyuhyun replied, avoiding the previous questions.

“We will walk then.” The prince declared, dragging Kyuhyun away from the horses. “I will give you another riding lesson before you leave, though hopefully this one won’t end the same as the last. Though the Eighth Prince did look very heroic rescuing you.” Junsu laughed while Kyuhyun tried to find a way to talk about another event that happened the previous year.



Both turned and started talking at the same moment. The randomness broke the tension Kyuhyun had felt building up within him as he laughed along with Junsu. He could make their friendship survive, he was sure of it.

“You go first,” Kyuhyun prompted the younger. Junsu looked like he really wanted to speak and Kyuhyun didn’t exactly want to rush into his discussion point.

“Did you talk to Min?”

Kyuhyun’s face fell as he remember the talk, or non-talk, he had with Changmin about Junsu.
“Does he not want to marry me?” Junsu caught the expression and his own countenance darkened. Junsu knew Changmin felt something, he was sure that he did, yet Kyuhyun stared at him as if scared of how he would react.

“Your father doesn’t think it’s a good match.” Kyuhyun tried to reason, seeing that Junsu was becoming more distraught with each second. “You would hate to live in the city. You would be trapped.”

“Why?” Junsu was near tears. “Why does he not want me? I thought… Can I not be compared to his fujin?”

“Your Highness, it’s not because of that.” Kyuhyun tried to reason and comfort the boy but Junsu just looked increasingly angry and upset.

“What part of me isn’t fit to be his wife? Why would he refuse me?” Junsu fumed. “I’m going to ask him myself!”

Kyuhyun didn’t manage to grab the prince before he started to run towards the Imperial camp. Feeling like everything was about to go horribly wrong he followed, desperately trying to catch up but unable to. He continued running until he had pushed his way into the Thirteenth’s tent behind Junsu.

Changmin looked up in shock at the intrusion, while Kyuhyun paled as he noticed that Changmin was not alone. Sungmin sat on the opposite side of a chess board. However Junsu failed to notice the other Qing prince, completely focused on Changmin and yelling at him.

“What about me is not good enough to be your fujin? Tell me now!”

Changmin looked pained as he replied, “Now is not the time to talk about this Prince Junsu.” The last two words were hissed as he indicated they were not alone. “This is my Fourteenth Brother.”

Junsu took a breath before turning to examine Sungmin. A gasp was heard and two people’s heart stopped for a moment as Junsu asked, his tone betrayed, “You’re Fourteenth Prince? You are the Fourteenth Prince?”

Sungmin’s gaze was strong as he answered, “I am.”

Junsu frowned, his face turning from sad to angry. “You lied to me. You both lied to me.” Changmin became perplexed as Junsu looked between Kyuhun and Sungmin.

“Your Highness,” Kyuhyun rushed forward, clasping Junsu’s hand to stop the other boy from running out of the tent. “Please listen.”

“You lied to me,” Junsu sounded hurt, his gaze no longer holding affection and trust. He demanded, “Is he really your lover?”

At the slow shake of Kyuhyun’s lowered head, Junsu became even more incensed.

“I trusted you. I thought of you as one of my closest friends.” The pain and betrayal sounded so raw and Kyuhyun didn’t know how to justify himself. All he felt was guilt. “I told you all of my feelings, all of my worries. Why did you treat me like this?”

“Please… Junsu.” Kyuhyun begged, needing for this to turn out alright. “Didn’t you once say a friendship with someone of the grasslands was not easily broken. I’m sorry for lying. I do have a reason though. I had no other option at the time. Please let me fully explain.”

Junsu’s face was blank when he looked at Changmin. Neither of the Qing prince’s had moved, both watching what was happening carefully; Sungmin out of fear of getting in the way, Changmin because he still wasn’t certain what happened.

“You’re close to him right? You’re one of his friends.” Junsu didn’t wait for a response before asking, “Did you know then? That he tricked me into hiding the Fourteenth Prince?”
“I didn’t know,” Changmin admitted before Junsu launched bitter words towards Kyuhyun.
“Did you lie to him as well? You are obviously a poor choice of friend. I should go to the Emperor right now. Let’s find out what other things you have been hiding.”

Junsu started to push past the near weeping boy, his face set in angry determination. Before he could though, Kyuhyun threw himself to his knees and grabbed front of the prince’s robes. Changmin and Sungmin had both jumped up at the sign of movement towards the door.

“Please, you can hit and yell,” Kyuhyun begged, his heart twisted with fear.

Sungmin stepped forward, blocking the doorway, “It’s been a year. There is no need to bother yourself by telling the Emperor. I will tell him myself.”

“Di!” Changmin spat a warning before speaking in a calmer tone. “What can be so big that you need to go to the Emperor? Surely this can be settled without him knowing.”

“He used me to hide Fourteenth Prince! Don’t you think that is suspicious?” Junsu demanded.

“Kyuhyun is not that type of person.”

“But the Crown Prince said someone tried to assassinate him. I only protected them because I thought they were in love. What if there really was an attempt to kill the Crown Prince?”

“You do not need to be troubled. Kyuhyun and Sungmin have been playing together for years. Sungmin coming to visiting Kyuhyun in a disguise isn’t a surprise to me. You don’t need to tell the Emperor.”

“You trust him this much to not even ask for an explanation?” Junsu seemed annoyed more than angry now.

“I know exactly the type of person that Kyuhyun is. I would trust him with my life.” Kyuhyun didn’t know whether that would help, especially since Junsu seemed to be more frustrated with how much Changmin believed in Kyuhyun rather than Kyuhyun’s betrayal.

“Would you do the same if it were me? Just accept my word?” Junsu yelled.

Junsu sprang then, darting past Sungmin as quickly as a deer with Changmin straight after. Sungmin prevented Kyuhyun from following, hastily spitting out a word of advice, “Blame me. Say nothing and blame me. I am a prince, I will be okay.” They didn’t have time to say more before they raced after the others.

The two princes hadn’t got far, just outside the tent Changmin had caught Junsu and was whispering to him softly. Kyuhyun and Sungmin watched as Junsu relaxed in Changmin’s arms. Both felt a sense of awkwardness as the formerly tense atmosphere turned more intimate. They both calmed down though as Junsu sighed and nodded to whatever Changmin had said.

When he was released Junsu looked back at Kyuhyun, his mouth still pinched with sadness but
at least looking at him with wariness instead of betrayal.

“I admit, I wasn’t going to tell the Emperor, I was more annoyed at the Thirteenth Prince than you. Your panic was penance enough I suppose.” Junsu looked like he might ask more but Changmin grasped his hand and he was quiet.

“I will have to ask both you and Fourteenth Brother to leave now. I have some words I need to say to Prince Junsu.” Changmin’s voice was serious and Kyuhyun knew that whatever the Thirteenth Prince was going do would break Junsu’s heart and probably his own as well.

He watched as Changmin and Junsu walked slowly back to the tent, hands entwined, obviously both knowing what was going to happen and trying to prolong the brief calm.



This was going to be updated sooner but I kind of had to battle through the 12 stages of grief concerning EXO… It’s their concert right now and I am avoiding thinking about it.

quick reminder: Didi means younger brother in Chinese. I’m guessing you guys know what Gege (big brother) means cos I use it often enough. I’ll add Jiejie (big sister) and Meimei (younger sister) so that if I ever use them (have I used them?) you will know. Maybe I should’ve written this at the beginning.

AND I noticed a couple of days ago that WOW it’s a year since I started writing this! Started this on May 1st 2013… and in recognition of that year, my beta reader (but she's more than a beta more like a editor/prop/cheerleader/babysitter/enabler who gets me through everything) wanted to leave a note as well ^^ Besides I would never have started posting this in the first place if it wasn't for her XD

Hello this is my first time introducing myself~ I'm Kristen, also known as KyuminBiased or miki. I have only betaed seventeen chapters (eighteen if you include the Zhou Mi side story), but it was very nice to be helpful. Walker likes to say that I am her cheerleader and I accept the role of cheerleader and enabler hahaha. It has been a year and twenty three days since walker started BBJX. We have both had a rough past year (isn't that the understatement of the century.) I really appreciate all of you who understand the wait between chapters, sometimes people forget that we have lives as well and you all were so kind. Thank you very much.

It is now chapter thirty and episode fifteen. It's funny how it seems like just yesterday I betaed chapter one. I have known Walker for almost two years now and I'm proud to have been a part of this adaptation. Thank you for sticking by her and enjoying her story. Please look forward to the rest of the installments and love us a lot!


Title: Dibs!
Rating: pg
Pairing: Luhan/Xiumin
Summary: Luhan is a crazy drunk person. Fill for this prompt on epm.

Minseok had finally finished his last assignment of the year and while he probably should’ve gone to bed to sleep for the next 48 hours, he, along with a couple of his other friends had decided to go crazy and attend one of the many end-of-exam parties which were being thrown all over campus.

He’d lost Joonmyun in the crowd, but he guessed the younger boy was somewhere with a new potential boyfriend/girlfriend/fuckbuddy/something-inbetween. People who thought he was the princely oppa that his face seemed to project obviously knew nothing about him.

Meandering through the rooms of what was a huge dorm house, he blushed as he walked into a room and someone screamed “DIBS!” causing most of the occupants turned to stare at him as the scream had seemed to permeate the whole room. Eyes widening he decided to slowly walk backwards out of the room.

“You scared him you moron.”

Chinese words were muttered in the few seconds silence before people decided he wasn’t that special and turned back to whatever they were doing.


The same voice that screamed dibs was shouted again as a very handsome, very blonde and very excitable man tried to tackle him to the floor. Side stepping the incredibly drunk man who had yet to identify himself, Minseok once more tried to make his escape.

Unfortunately, the blonde unleashed an incredibly ugly and also terribly appealing pout. “Please don’t leave me.”

“Do I know you?” Uneasiness was rising. The man was looking at him like a starving man would look at food, which was kind of flattering but also very disturbing.

“We have the rest of our lives to get to know each other!”

Nice statement but not helping Minseok, who was still trying to edge away from the clearly unhinged man.

“Erm,” Minseok’s mind seemed blank whenever he actually looked into the crazy person’s eyes. They were very pretty, and sparkly, and sometimes pretty sparkling eyes make normally sane people listen to crazy drunk people.

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen.” And then the cute guy with the accent who yelled dibs puked all over his shoes.

That turned into a night of Minseok having to nurse the crazy drunk Chinese person, who was apparently called Luhan, because he started to whine pitifully every time Minseok tried to leave and Minseok realised he was obviously a sucker for pretty sparkling eyes and cute button noses and faint but incredibly sexy accents.

This later evolved into Luhan following Minseok around campus trying to woo him and shouting “DIBS” at anyone who looked like they might be staring at Minseok with any sort of interest. Which in turn led to Minseok finally letting Luhan have a date, which turned into two, then ten, then 3 years of dating, a year of engagement and a beautiful wedding.

Minseok still thinks Luhan’s crazy and Luhan still thinks Minseok is the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen. Apparently it works.


Title: Audience
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: D.O/Kai
Warning: some spanking
Summary: This prompt right here. Originally posted here. Kyungsoo wants to show who Jongin really belongs to.


Kyungsoo isn’t jealous. And he isn’t possessive. He certainly isn’t going to act like that because one of his best friends decided to hang all over a certain Kim Jongin.

He certainly isn’t in a bad mood because the best friend keeps declaring on tv that he is Kim Jongin’s biggest fan.

And he certainly isn’t planning to show that friend just who Kim Jongin actually belongs to.



Kyungsoo had Jongin pressed up against his bedroom door as soon as they got back. Deep kisses, his tongue instantly plundering the others mouth. Jongin had looked so fuckable dancing on the stage, throwing his comehither looks at all and sundry.

He briefly wondered just how many people wished they were in the position he was in right now, with Jongin trapped between him and the door, panting into his neck, whining for attention.

The younger boy was pressing himself as much as he could along Kyungsoo’s front, his eagerness showing as he rutted against his hyung’s thigh. The elder smirked, “Are you really that desperate?”

Only a gentle whimper of submission was his reply as he pressed his lips along the younger’s jawline, pecking little kisses that he knew Jongin adored. Kyungsoo loved that even though the younger was stronger, taller and fitter he would bend and submit for him. There was something so sexy about someone so powerful and gorgeous begging for him. There was no power rush like it. Not that he didn’t know he was handsome as well, he knew he was good-looking, he could hardly be in SM, in EXO, if he wasn’t, but Jongin – Jongin was on another level.

There was no words that could probably describe how Jongin looked when he was on his knees staring up. Kyungsoo stroked those gorgeous cheeks as the younger mouthed at his crotch. Opening the zipper, the look Jongin gave, like all he wanted in life, all he cared about was Kyungsoo’s cock, Kyungsoo felt himself harden a little more before Jongin even sucked it into his mouth.

Jongin looked so perfect like this, sweaty, make-up residue still lingering around his eyes, hair mussed and his thick lips stretch so obscenely.

Kyungsoo almost considered fucking Jongin’s mouth until he came but no, that wasn’t what this was about. That wasn’t the plan. He could do that any day.

Grabbing Jongin by the hair, he had to tug sharply to get the boy to give up his cock. He chuckled at the pathetic whine the younger emitted.

“Strip and get on the bed.”

Kyungsoo was always amused by how quickly Jongin could undress. The boy was so enthusiastic and eager, showing just how much he was a hormonal teen still. Sprawling out on his back and using that stare he had flashed to the fangirls who chanted his name earlier, Kyungsoo felt a dark possessiveness come over him. It didn’t matter who he played for in public, as long as he remembered who he really belonged to. Not those girls, not the agency, not the band. Him.

“On your hands and knees. Ass in the air, like the good boy you are.”

Jongin did so with a languid air, no shyness at that moment. He knew he looked good like this, Kyungsoo told him sometimes, in great detail, just how good he looked spread out and presenting himself for his lover.

Kyungsoo let his hand fall down on the surprisingly pale cheek, “Now that wasn’t acting like a good boy was it?”

“Sorry hyung,” Jongin whispered, feeling repentant about his vanity. Kyungsoo always said that arrogance wasn’t attractive.

“You don’t sound very sorry,” Kyungsoo murmured as he rained a few more slaps down, each harder than the last. He wasn’t worried, Jongin was always very vocal about when he didn’t like something and the sight of Jongin’s still hard cock reassured him.

“I am.” Yet Jongin still wiggled his ass up towards the blows. Each alternating between cheeks, both now red and stinging.

“Hmmmm, that obviously isn’t a very good punishment. You’re enjoying it too much.”

Kyungsoo stopped and rubbed the red handprints that know marred the previously flawless flesh. Kneading them, while Jongin whined beneath him, and separating them to look at the twitching hole. Removing one of his hands and brushing his index finger down the crack, he let it catch in the rim, dipping in ever so slightly before moved down the perineum and stroking his balls.

“Please hyung, don’t tease.” Kyungsoo oh-so-thoughtfully dragged the finger back up, circling the hole this time, before going back down again.

“You have to say it nicer than that dongsaeng.”

“Please, please, please, don’t tease,” Jongin sounded like he’d cry any moment. Obviously he was either really wound up, or it had been way too long since they last did this. Normally the younger loved being teased, loved being edged again and again, nearer his release and then having it taken away from him.

“Since you sound so desperate, I’ll be nice this time. But next time Jongin, I won’t be.” The warning was clear, Kyungsoo never broke his word, what he said he meant. Jongin shuddered in a mixture of fear and anticipation.

The elder shuffled off to the side, moving bottles that lay around on the bedside table until he found the one he was after. Going back to kneeling between his lovers legs, he dribbled the cold lube directly on to his hole, watching the involuntary shuddering going up the younger’s back. Jongin always hated being cold but he didn’t make a sound as Kyungsoo rubbed the lube around the rim and sunk his finger into the heat. Wiggling it in, he smoothed his other hand down the other’s back, reassuring him and getting him to relax. Jongin thrived on touch, he shied away from it on camera and in public but in the privacy of their dorm he loved to snuggle and know that people were near him, paying him attention.

Once he was able to easily move one in and out, he added a second, twisting and scissoring them, preparing for the stretch later on. He aimed straight for the prostrate when he added the third, knowing that the burn on by now would be starting to irritate the younger. Jongin writhed and moaned, pushing back until Kyungsoo wasn’t even moving his hand at all, Jongin was riding it, intent on seeking out as much pleasure as possible.

Deciding that Jongin had had enough and noticing the time, Kyungsoo pulled out, causing Jongin to groan in protest and his hole to gape around thin air. He couldn’t resist watching it for a few long seconds as Jongin shuffled, uncomfortable, his face now buried in the duvet, muffling his pleading.

Moving forward to press light kisses up Jongin’s spine, he bit down harshly on his nape as he thrust in, taking in the yowl of the one beneath him. Taking a few moments for the younger to relax, the tension starting to seep out, Kyungsoo nipped light bruises along Jongin’s shoulders, claiming what was his, marking for others to see.
Starting up a rhythm that was getting faster and harder, Jongin panted, moaned and bit into the pillow which was getting damp with his tears and the spit from his ever open mouth. Kyungsoo hitting his spot and then missing, deliberately preventing him from chasing that orgasm to the end. Just as he was nearing his release, he heard Kyungsoo’s phone alarm beep once and fingers yank his head back, bearing his face for a wide eyed Chanyeol in the open door way to see.

Kyungsoo thrust right into his sweet spot at that very second, harder than any other time that night, the angle exaggerated with him being pulled up, the nerve endings on his head screaming in pain but adding to the intense pleasure and his back bent in an obscenely provocative way, skin red from the spanking, bruised from the bites and blotchy from his intense arousal. He was sure he was a sight, especially with his face shining from sweat and tears. He groaned as he came untouched, come spurting out on his chest and the bed in front of him. He made sure to project the erotic noise at the shocked rapper, because if he was there it was only because Kyungsoo wanted him there. And if Kyungsoo wanted Chanyeol to see Kim Jongin being fucked until he came on Do Kyungsoo’s cock alone then he would make sure he gave a good show.

He was an idol after all and idols always played for their audience.


This is for Miki who is an evil enabler and who encouraged me to fill this when I should've been working on other stuff orz *shame on you*
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Hot Mess

Title: Hot Mess
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Chen with mystery guests
Warning: Don't drink kids
Disclaimer: I wish this happened in real life...
Summary: Inspired by this prompt on epm.

Jongdae groaned as he wriggled his head further under his pillow. The sun was too bright right now (why didn’t he shut the curtains?!) and his head hurt so bad (he wasn’t going to think about how much he drank last night) and his mouth tasted like the inside of a dustbin.

He wanted so badly to just pretend the world didn’t exist but he knew he had a midday lecture over at the business school which was the other side of campus because a burst pipe had flooded the music lecture room he normally was in. So not only did he have to walk for 30 minutes to get to a lecture that was usually only 5 minutes away he also had to find the bloody room. He really hated that all his classes had attendance checks right now.

He also really hated his friends for guilt tripping him to going out last night. Sure Baekhyun had just broken up with his stupid girlfriend, but did he really care? After all he and Baekhyun weren’t that close (only best friends since primary school) and he shouldn’t be punished for Baekhyun’s stupidity in dating a girl who was as flaky as she was beautiful (he admits she was smoking, even if he was as gay as they come). Plus he had a tendency to go overboard when he went drinking (and by overboard he meant walking off the plank into the deep blue sea of alcohol and blurry dancing).

Trying to work out his plan of attack to getting ready for the day, he walked through what he was going to do in his head just so he wouldn’t have to think about it when he’d finally managed to get his limbs to do as he wanted.

Just as he was trying to work out whether he should splash out on a latte with an extra shot (especially if he spent as much as he thinks he did last night) he heard a groan. A very deep and sexy groan but a groan that definitely wasn’t his.

Opening his eyes a millimetre and deciding he’d better investigate because Joonmyun currently had very strict rules about overnight guests as he called them and he really didn’t want another lecture on the safety of one night stands when he felt like this.

Slowly raising his arms to remove the pillow currently trying to suffocate him (he refused to admit he might have done it to himself – pillows were obviously out to get him), he acknowledged that the pain and physical exhaustion he might have felt through his body earlier may not just have been from heavy drinking (more like his arse was in serious discomfort – this guy must be hung like a horse. It felt like his first time all over again) and the rank taste in his mouth not just from too many shots of tequila. He also too a moment to realise that it felt like an octopus was wrapped around him as he could no longer move (seriously how many limbs did this guy have?) due to being hugged from what seemed like both sides.

His mind blurry and still trying to remember who he brought home and how long it would take to evict them (and also how to possible turn over cos this guy’s arms were fucking heavy) he felt movement. Unable to comprehend why he was still able to feel an arm across his back when clearly he just felt it being removed shifted around in slow degrees (his head and ass both hurt and he wasn’t going to rush cos nobody rushs Kim Jongdae, including Kim Jongdae).

Managing to finally turn around he took a deep breath before sitting up, after all he still couldn’t remember who had brought home (not that this hadn’t happened before – he had a bad memory, don’t judge - though he admitted not to Yixing's standard) and he might know (from experience) of cases where one night stands aren’t the lookers they were the night before when alcohol was in the mix.

Looking down, he took a moment to comprehend what he was seeing. There was one golden tanned arm, and one very pale, almost translucent arm. Clearly two very different arms coming from opposite sides of him. Either he had a dismembered Frankenstein’s monster or he had two very different people in his bed.

He let his sink in before swearing very loudly.

(At least that explained why his ass hurt so much)


(Its Kai and Sehun....)

Also I was procrastinating when I wrote this. I tend to jump from story to story and never sit on one long enough to finish it...

Eyes On The Moon - Chapter 6

Title: Eyes on the Moon
Pairings: Luhan/Baekhyun, Kris/Suho, Kris/Yixing; side, Xiumin/Tao, Kai/Sehun
Genre: werewolf, omegaverse
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter)
Summary: Suho is the new Alpha of a depleted and damaged pack.


Chapter 6

Suho had calmed down considerably by the time he had gotten back to the pack house. He knew there was no longer anything he could do. Or at least what he could do would be suicide for him and death for his pack. That just wasn’t an option for him. Just the idea of anything happening to the rest of his pack made his wolf growl and rise to the surface. He spent a few minutes soothing it before getting out of the car and entering his home.

Entering the house, he noticed the silence. Normally at least one person would be making a racket somewhere. But the house was sombre and his pack members were quietly mourning the loss of Baekhyun’s bond.

He sighed as guilt flooded him and he hurried to his room, because there was nothing worse than seeing an Alpha weaken. Only in private would he allow even a hint of his feelings.


Jongin sunk into the shadows as he watched the block of flats across the road. He had been watching them for days but today, today was the day he would finally act. Maybe he was distracting himself, but he needed to and this was something that was supposed to be happening anyway.

His wolf agreed that this was the perfect time to strike. They just needed to wait for darkness to fall and for the early hours of the morning, when humans slept and everything else that seemed normal during the day, let themselves, lose.


Suho awoke with a start. His Second had nudged him through their mental bond, quickly informing him that he had bitten his target and was on his way back to the house with the new wolf. He wanted Suho to be prepared for their new arrival.

Relaxing into his duvet because he had another 20 minutes before they arrived, Suho thought about his own target. Amber Liu was an ideal candidate for his pack, though he felt bad that she would be the only female for a few months. Maybe he should go scouting among the rogues, though he doubted they would want to join such a weak pack.

He reminded himself that his pack was technically under Kris’ protection now, so it would surely project stability and strength more than it had before. Not that Suho was happy with the way his pack had landed themselves in the other Alpha’s pocket.

He got out of bed still tired. Severing a mental bond was always tiring. He was just glad that Baekhyun hadn’t been alone long.

Suho reached the front hallway just as Jongin parked on the driveway, so he opened the door and waited patiently for their newest member to be carried in.

Turning was a painful process for some, for others, they barely remember it. The entire body changes, your mind is altered, magic is imbued into the new wolf’s bones and blood. Magic is vital, without it their entire being would be impossible. How else would a man be able to turn into a beast?

Suho rarely remembers the days before he was bitten, but he remembers how he never believe in magic. He had been a man of science and business and practicality. He laughs now as he remembers his lack of belief when he was turned, his naivety and ignorance.

It was rare but some humans didn’t make the transition to werewolf. They couldn’t cope with the magic, the body rejected it, or the mind collapsed, or something happened. This boy looked fine though. Suho could tell already just by seeing him that he would be okay. He wasn’t even shaking, just in a deep sleep. The length of time it took for the change to take place varied from person to person but the minimum was usually 12 hours.

“He really does look like you.” Chanyeol stares at the boy in Jongin’s arms, as the Second walked in and headed for the stairs. The beta had wandered over when he had noticed Suho standing by the front door. “Is your vanity starting to show? Are we going to be overrun by your clones soon?”

“Shut up,” was the only reply before Jongin disappeared down the landing towards an empty bedroom. A lot of the bedrooms were empty now, Kyungsoo and Sehun had been given the grim job of clearing and cleaning them out after the battle and the aftermath had settled. The smells of the dead pack members was haunting and getting rid of it had been the only way to calm the unease of their wolves.

Suho waved for Chanyeol to follow him as he followed the other alpha.

“Did he put up much of a struggle?”

A shake of a head answered Suho’s question before Jongin expanded. “He was too surprised. I went up the fire escape and through an open window. Didn’t give him a second to think before I bit.”

“Do you want me to explain or do you want to? It is your first isn’t it?” Suho tilted his head as he watched the younger try to decide.

“I think I should. I feel responsible for him.”

“That’s good. You need to learn more responsibilities. You have been doing well. I know you never expected to be Second.” He was so proud of how well Jongin was coping and so sent a wave of emotion towards the younger, nearly overwhelming the other. Ignoring the glassy eyes, he asked the younger. “Do you want me to stay?”

“No, I’ll be okay. You should rest, hyung. I know you’ve had a long day.” Jongin smiled, knowing how hard Suho must be taking the loss of Baekhyun. “I will introduce you in the morning and you can perform the ceremony a few days before the full moon, like you suggested.”

“Chanyeol will stay with you.” The beta had been standing in the doorway the whole time, listening quietly except for when he whimpered at the force of Suho’s pleased emotions earlier. Nothing made a wolf more content or emotional then when their Alpha was proud of them. “Wake me if anything happens.”

Suho sighed before he left the room. Hopeful that the new wolf would be fine. Besides if there was any problems, Jongin would wake him.


Luhan stared in confusion at his mate. The boy was trembling the other side of the bed were he had scrambled the moment he had awoken. The stench of fear coiled around him and Luhan had no idea why his mate was reacting this way.

His mate was supposed to fall in love with him at first sight the way he had. When Luhan had seen the tiny omega snuggling into his pillow, tiny puppy whines emitted now and then, he hadn’t been able to resist wrapping himself around the younger wolf. He was his now and he had to make sure the omega didn’t smell of anyone else. Baekhyun, which was his omegas name, did not smell acceptable when he first came in. He smelt like another pack, and other alphas. Which both Luhan and his wolf agreed was wrong.

But now that Baekhyun was awake he wasn’t talking or laughing or being happy the way Luhan wanted him to be. They should be getting ready to mate properly yet he was staring at him like he was the scariest thing he had ever seen. Luhan was confused.


“Get out!”

Both of the men at either end of the bed turned and stared. Yixing glared at his mate’s cousin and repeated his demand.

“NO!” Luhan growled, his eyes flashing as the wolf which was dangerously near the surface most of the time started to get even nearer.

“Look at him Luhan. He’s shaking in fear. You’re frightening him. Your wolf has clouded your mind so much that you are practically incapable of human interaction anymore!”

Yixing continued to stare down the Second, knowing it was only possible because Kris was supporting him. Even when Kris was, for all intends and purposes, ignoring him, he still responded and helped his mate. He could sense his mate leaving his office and starting to walk towards the lifts. Obviously the Alpha couldn’t directly come into the room, this was a delicate enough situation as it was without adding another alpha, even if he was bonded, into the room. Yixing as an omega was no threat at all. Kris would only intervene directly if he thought someone would get hurt.

“But,” Luhan looked like a little boy who had been denied ice cream instead of one of the most deadly werewolves in Asia.

“But nothing. Are you that crazed?”

Luhan growled in warning. Crazy werewolves were ones who couldn’t connect to humanity anymore, who gave themselves completely to their wolves. Luhan might have gotten too close to the edge over the years for that to be anything other than a jab at an open wound.

A whimper from the omega opposite Luhan shifted their attention. The alpha looked like he would jump the poor boy any second, his gaze hungry and frankly, Yixing knew if it wasn’t for Kris’s steady watchfulness he wouldn’t be able to control this situation.

“Leave. I’ll explain to him.” Yixing tried to placate the more powerful wolf. In reality if Luhan really wanted Baekhyun no one would be able to stop him. “You don’t want to scare your mate do you? You’ve waited for him for so long. You want him to be happy. You don’t want him like this.”

Luhan frowned as he switched between looking at the two omegas. Clearly Luhan was talking with his wolf. Yixing hoped that the more human Luhan would persuade his wolf that claiming Baekhyun right now, when he was clearly frightened would be the worst decision he could ever make. Raping omegas did happen. When an alpha caught the scent and was desperate for a mate, much like Luhan was right now. Yixing knew that he was lucky to have been born into a progressive pack, never seeing for himself the abuses some omegas faced, even though he had been bonded in a political alliance.

Luhan wouldn’t want to traumatise his mate, not when he had waited centuries. A little while longer, just until Baekhyun settled, until he understood what was going on. Yixing begged in his mind for Luhan to go, to relax, to not terrify the boy any further.

“Fine,” Luhan huffed. The tension that had filled the room and been suffocating a few moments before dissipated as the alpha got off the bed and walked towards the door. “But he’s not allowed to leave the floor.”
Yixing nodded, relieved at the simply request. Luhan, as Second, had a whole floor to himself. By not letting Baekhyun leave his territory he was reminding him of his claim but since the floor was large and had plenty of rooms he was allowing Baekhyun enough freedom to explore.

As the door closed behind the petulant Second, Yixing finally allowed himself to properly look at the other omega. And to introduce himself.

“I’m Yixing, Kris’s mate and I’m really glad to meet you, Baekhyun.”



I'm really sorry this has taken so long. I have had the biggest writers block for this fic. I literally have sat for hours trying to churn something out. I have given up and decided to post this anyway since I was originally planning to post this on Luhan's birthday and then it was Baekhyun's birthday and right now I feel kinda like a failure.

Also I have been unwell recently... And life has generally kicked me in the (metaphorical) balls in everyway.

Bu Bu Jing Xin - Chapter 29

Title: Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling By Each Step)
Pairings: Kyuhyun centric, there will be various pairing/friendships, main wonkyu though hankyu, eunkyu, kyumin, changkyu also present. Also Hanchul, Eunhae, Minsu, and so many others I can't actually remember them all.
Genre: Historical, humour, angst, romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: There will be character death (near the end though), plus some characters will have really sad endings (for spoilers watch the drama!) and also will probably add smut sometime.
Summary: Kyuhyun gets hit by a car and wakes up not in the the body of a 25 year old computer analyst like he expected but in the body of a 16 year old noble boy in the Qing dynasty. Confused and annoyed he then ends up entangled in the lives of the Princes he had learnt about in history class, as well as one of the messiest battles for the throne in China's history.

A/N: This is a SuJu version of the drama Bu Bu Jing Xin. I don't know whether anyone has written one before, if they have let me know, I'd love to read it! I will be sticking to the plot quite closely, I am in no way amazing enough to think up all this, I will change some stuff and add side stories of some characters that I love to bits and wanted developing more. I have no idea why I decided to post this. I think my love for this drama and Kyuhyun one day decided to drive me crazy.

Character Guide

Prologue / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 / 26 / 26.5 / 27 / 28

Chapter 29

New Year had once again appeared and celebrations were occurring all over Beijing. Kyuhyun snuggled into his blanket in front of a small brazier. The Imperial physician still hadn’t cleared him to work so he wasn’t serving the Emperor at the official celebrations like he had the previous few years.

“It’s freezing out there,” Ryeowook came running in and jumped next to Kyuhyun getting as near the fire as possible without burning himself.

Kyuhyun shuffled over to allow Kyuhyun under the cover with him and asked, “I thought you were on duty this evening?”

Ryeowook hummed as he snuggled into the elder’s side. “I asked Eunuch Leeteuk if someone else could take my place.”

“But the attending servants always get presents, plus they get to see all the performances and all the most famous and celebrated people in the land.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Ryeowook mumbled. “You would be lonely and no one should be alone during the New Year.”

“I don’t mind being alone,” Kyuhyun replied but wrapped his arms around the boy all the same.

“I brought back some delicious food!”

“You’ve won me over,” Kyuhyun laughed as the younger got up and hurried to pick up the basket he had abandoned in his pursuit of warmth.

“Let’s eat, drink and celebrate the New Year without having to worry about serving others,” Ryeowook spoke happily as he set up a table, filled with alcohol and food that he had sneaked out of the kitchen, in front of Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun watched as the other glowed with happiness and was glad that he had the younger boy to distract him. He had already been sinking into his own dark thoughts before Ryeowook’s arrival but now he was thinking about how lucky he was to have gained such a loyal friend in this lonely palace. He had no idea what he would do if he didn’t have Ryeowook’s cheery disposition to lighten up his dark moments.

As the night progressed the thought about the Eighth Prince and what would’ve happened if he had really given up his dream of the throne. Would history be completely rewritten? Would I even have been born? Would I have disappeared in his arms? If I had never existed I wouldn’t have been able to get him to give up the throne…

Kyuhyun shook his head to clear his thoughts, refusing to think of Hangeng any longer. Rehashing everything over and over again in his mind didn’t help him at all so he should just stop.

Hearing the fireworks signalling the New Year, Kyuhyun looked over at Ryeowook who had fallen asleep clutching his cup. His alcohol tolerance wasn’t up to Kyuhyun’s own yet but he doubted Ryeowook drank as frequently as he did. Changmin often sneaked into his quarters with bottles of rice wine.

Getting up, he walked out into the courtyard and watched the bright flashes in the dark sky. As he stood there he made a resolution, and he was determined to stick to it, starting tomorrow.


Your Highness, Fourth Prince,

I have made a resolution that in this lifetime I will not marry. I only want to follow the lamp of Buddha and read scriptures for my mother. I beg for your understanding and respect for this decision.

Kyuhyun stared at the letter that he had rewritten a dozen times that morning. Deciding that it was the best he could probably do he placed it in a bundle that he had made containing all the gifts he had received from Siwon, including the glass bottle, his latest gift and the magnolia pendant, that was his first.

More sadly he looked at the box that contained all the letters he had been sent by the Eighth Prince. Picking them all up, he considered reading them again before pausing and reminding himself that he would just he torturing himself if he did that.

Wrapping them in a separate cloth, he stood regarding the two bundles that sat forlornly on his desk. Glaring at them both as if they were deliberately trying to provoke him, Kyuhyun jumped as he heard a knock on the door.

Opening it he came face to face with Minseok, who was shivering in the cold. Greeting the boy, he felt bad when he asked him to wait as he had something he wanted him to return with.

Kyuhyun walked back into his room and stared at the envelope in his grasp. He debated opening it before stuffing it in the smaller bundle and going back out to Hangeng’s servant.

“Sorry to trouble you. Hurry back now. It’s too cold for you out here.”

“It’s no trouble,” Minseok smiled brightly even though Kyuhyun could tell he was freezing. He hurried off, for which Kyuhyun was glad, because he was of half a mind to call out for the return of the package and it’s contents.

But the stronger part applauded. From now on I’ll have nothing to do with the Eighth Prince. This is truly cutting off ties.

He smiled as it grew later in the day and Sehun hadn’t turned up. It meant that Siwon was no longer interested and that would be for the best. Humming to himself as he busied himself clearing out his room, he found he wasn’t actually surprised when he heard another knock on his door.

He called the other servant in and smiled wryly at himself for hoping that Siwon had forgotten about him. He wasn’t that lucky.

Sehun grinned and wished him a happy new year as he held out a package. Accepting it, he once again asked for the servant to wait because he wanted him to take something back to his master.

Kyuhyun opened to box and let out a little smile in admiration of the gorgeous jade hairpin placed within it. Closing it he slotted it into the bundle he had prepared earlier and gave it to the younger servant.

“Please deliver this to your master for me.”

“Rest assured,” Sehun bowed before disappearing into the snowy gardens that bordered his courtyard.

Kyuhyun let out a sigh of relief and hoped that he got the message across clearly to both men.

New year, new start!


Unknown to Kyuhyun, two different reactions were taking place.

In the Fourth’s estate, clear laughter was heard from the master’s study. A first for many of the retainers who were stood at attention around area.

In the Eighth’s, the smashing of a tea cup and the withdrawal of their master into his personal chambers for the rest of the day was the reaction to a small package delivered by one of his most trusted men.


Kyuhyun couldn’t help the unrest that filled him. He was still too weak to serve the Emperor and spring was approaching. He had days of doing nothing but thinking, which was not helping him.

Ryeowook brought news that Eighth Prince was looking unwell, with his clothes looser than they use to be. The Fourth Prince was apparently his normal imperturbable self.

Regret filled him and his resolve crumbled and rebuilt itself time after time.

He was never so happy to return to work as he was when the imperial physician cleared him for duty.



Zhou Mi looked up from where he was bent over examining a flower to see his younger brother rushing towards him.

“How are you here?!” Kyuhyun hugged the elder, relief filling his heart for the first time in a long time.

Contentment settled over him as his felt his brother gently stroke his head, like he did when he was younger and cried for his mother who was never going to return.

“Consort Sooyeon helped me.”

Mi pushed his didi away and pulled him to sit on a stone bench situated in the courtyard in front of Kyuhyun’s quarters.

“If I had other choices, I wouldn’t have bothered her at all.” ZhouMi was glad that he had such an understanding and pleasant mother-in-law. Sooyeon had always tried to accommodate and help her son’s wives as much as possible.

“What’s wrong?” Kyuhyun was suddenly struck that something must be wrong for his brother to be sitting outside his room.

“My heart felt anxious about you, so I came as quickly as I could.”

Kyuhyun felt a deep sense of love for his brother at that moment. Mi had gone out of his comfort zone and travelled into the palace to find him and reassure him. He didn’t deserve such a wonderful ge.

“You rejected Hangeng?”

The younger realised that his brother would have no idea what had happened between his brother and husband, unless Hangeng himself talked to him. Which was unlikely given the prince’s character.

Kyuhyun’s sad face showed Mi everything he needed to know.

“You rejected a man you could’ve spent your life with.” Mi looked serious, “But this is your life and your happiness, so I will support whatever choice you make.” The elder’s supportive smile and nod filled Kyuhyun with such solace that he felt like crying from the release of emotions.

“Do you still feel bad?” Mi asked, a smile still curled round his lips.

“No,” was the small whine Kyuhyun released before crying into his brother's shoulder.

Mi sat and rocked the younger, glad that he could be here and alleviate some of the pain that he knew the boy was suffering. The only think he would ever wish for was Kyuhyun’s happiness.

Kyuhyun felt like his heart was at ease for the first time in a long time.


The Emperor and his court had gone on a trip to the Wutai Mountain, a spiritual trip to one of the oldest temples in China. As Kangin had gotten older, he had thought more about his health, both spiritually and physically.

Kyuhyun had been invited by Kangin himself, but the tea maid had begged off. He was still weak compared to before the winter and while he had returned to his duties within the palace, outside the palace on an expedition, he would have a severely reduced staff and he didn’t want to have such a heavy workload too soon.

Kangin had agreed but been slightly put out, telling his young servant that Wutai was beautiful and that the last time he had visited the temple, 7 years ago, Kyuhyun hadn’t been in the palace. But he had also been quick to tell Kyuhyun to eat and rest well while he was away and to fuss over how thin the boy had gotten. Kyuhyun was once again reminded of how generous and caring the Emperor was to his personal staff, even if he gave a cold and regal persona to the rest of the world.

Kyuhyun had been left with little to do, apart from organising stock and testing new recipes and tea ingredients. Ryeowook was away with the Emperor, Leeteuk telling him that as the head tea maid wasn’t able to make the trip, his deputy would definitely have to.

Being alone was peaceful and calming, Kyuhyun spent days wandering around the gardens and felt the least restricted he had ever felt since he entered the palace. No formal duties and being healthy enough to enjoy it.
He had read and drawn, practiced his calligraphy, attempted sewing and then giving up because his work was incredibly shoddy. He let himself revel in not being scrutinised by anyone or having to worry over his feelings about Hangeng. He felt like the wound that gaped at the end of the last year was healing, though the scar tissue would always remain hidden within him.

It was on one of his meandering walks that he found himself at the viewing platform, hidden and mostly forgotten at the far end of the lake. He liked to come here to think, knowing that he was one of the few that ventured there, in fact he had never seen anyone leaning against the railings like he did that day.

Entering the wooden structure, he was greeted with the raised eyebrows of the Fourth Prince.

Bowing automatically, Kyuhyun whispered his greetings while trying to work out whether Siwon would try and talk to him. This was the first time he had chance to see the older man since he had sent back the package on the first day of the new year.

“You also like the lilies here?” Siwon’s voice was genuinely curious. Kyuhyun had noticed how over the years, Siwon no longer seemed so emotionless. Maybe he was able to read the subtle emotions better now, or maybe the prince was showing him a side he didn’t show others.

“I like the peace and quiet here.”

The prince hummed before walking between two trees towards the bank. There was no path yet it seemed like Siwon knew what he was doing. He looked back at Kyuhyun, and said, “I’ll take you to a place that’s really peaceful.”

Kyuhyun walked forward to see Siwon pull a rope that lead to a boat. Kyuhyun had never noticed it before and while it wasn’t hidden, it was nestled between two rocky outcrops. No one would realise it was there unless they were looking. The prince was looking at him with an expression of expectation, though to most it probably seemed blank. Kyuhyun felt a thrill run through him that this prince was waiting so patiently for him, even if no one else would be able to tell. It was like a secret language that Kyuhyun had started to decipher, something only a few people knew, and it felt special.

“How did you know about the boat?”

Siwon’s face remained impassive but his eyes twinkled. “I like this place, so I had a boat put here.” The next words made Kyuhyun blink, but he still followed them, “Come in the boat with me.”

The warm clasp of the prince’s hand as he helped him into the small boat and the steady gaze that remained on him as the prince rowed out onto the lake and into the giant water lily beds,but he didn’t stop there. Kyuhyun hardly paid notice to where they were going as he watched the man in front of him. They watched each other, only a few feet between them, trapped in a small boat in the middle of a lake.

Kyuhyun jolted in shock when the prince stopped and pulled up the paddles. Looking around he noticed they were in a secluded area, surrounded by reeds and lily plants. He could barely see 2 metres in any direction and he doubted anyone could find them even if they tried. The lilies were beautiful and so much larger than he had seen anywhere else, the only sounds the birds in the distance and the faint buzzing of insects.

“I’m going to have a rest, you can do what you like,” a small smirk graced the older man’s lips for only a second before disappearing. Kyuhyun wasn’t sure how he let himself get into this situation, to be at the mercy of another. Especially someone who he was supposed to be avoiding. But when the prince was in front of him and telling him to get into the boat he felt powerless to disobey, not just because Siwon was a prince and he was a maid, but in a way that made him think he would do whatever Siwon wanted, whenever he asked, whether he was a prince or not.

Trepidation and a slither of fear creep up yet the larger man, just lent back and closed his eyes. Disbelief that the prince was really going to just sleep filled him. He sat for a few moments in shock, just staring, before deciding that there was no way for him to leave or do anything until the Fourth Prince wished so he might as well nap as well.

Disgruntled and annoyed at the heat of the sun now bearing down on him, Kyuhyun pulled out a small handkerchief and laid it over his face. There was no way he was going to let the Fourth Prince see his face when he slept, what if he drooled?! He tried not to think why he so bothered about the idea of drooling in front of the other man.

Plus sunburn would not look good on him. Part of him wished for the modern day array of sunscreens that filled the chemists shelves. Thinking about the future, he realised he hadn’t thought about that time in a while. He was slowly forgetting day by day that he wasn’t from this time, this wasn’t really his world. More prominently in his mind, he really wished he could have an iced coffee at that moment.

He smiled at his own flippancy. Five years ago when he landed here he wouldn’t have believed he could ever be so relaxed when thinking about how he was stuck in the past.

He drifted off to the idea of ice cream and air conditioning and cold frappés.


Kyuhyun awoke with a start when he felt someone hovering above him. Siwon’s face greeted him, eyes intense as they bore into his.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

The darkness and want that Kyuhyun could feel boring into him made his heart race and so he did the only thing he could think of which was hold up the abandoned handkerchief between their faces.

“Let it go.”

“Promise not to look at me like that.”

“Let it down,” amusement seemed to have seeped into the prince’s words and Kyuhyun peeked around it to see the elder’s eyes softer now, with fondness in them rather than the previous craving.

A warmth settled over Kyuhyun, and he was made aware of alone they were. No one would be out on the lake, especially not in this lily bed. No one could see them, or interrupt them. No one even knew they were here together. He shifted slightly and realised how close the prince had gotten, Siwon was hovering over him, his largeness blanketing him and he felt a frisson of heat scurry down his back.

The tenderness that shined in the elder man’s eyes made Kyuhyun forget that this was the stoic and scary Fourth Prince, the future Emperor of Qing, and the man who would destroy the lives of many people he cared for. The only thing he could think about was if those lips would be as firm as he remembered and he didn’t want to think about it a second longer as he leaned up and pressed his lips with the other mans. Their bodies were flush against each other as Kyuhyun gave in and let himself be swept away by need and desire.

They broke away to pant into each others mouths, their foreheads pressed together as their eyes remained glued to each other.

Siwon’s voice sounded deeper than usual as he gasped out, “One will lose his consciousness and rationality if he gets lost in beautiful things.”

“Are you calling me beautiful?” Kyuhyun laughed brightly. He couldn’t quite grasp that he was floating in a boat, with Siwon pressed above him and the prince was quoting scripture at him.

“You are very beautiful, but we should stop now. It is getting late and soon people will notice both our absences.” Siwon pressed one last kiss to the younger’s month before getting up. He waited for Kyuhyun to organise himself before starting to row back to the shore.

Siwon’s face became more and more serious and aloof as they neared the bank. This time Kyuhyun knew it was all an act, a mask for the rest of the world. Not one word was exchanged between them from Siwon helping Kyuhyun out of the boat to them separating quickly as they headed down different paths.

Kyuhyun shivered as he realised what he had just done. Even as he scolded himself, another part was amazed at the intensity of the kiss and how he hadn’t felt that with anyone before, not even with his past boyfriends in the 21st century.

He wondered what the Fourth Prince would do next. He snorted as he remembered the letter he had previously sent Siwon.

So much for devoting my life Buddha.



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Deleted Scene (Bu Bu Jing Xin)

Changmin and Kyuhyun drinking and discussing Junsu...

Changmin lounged on the chair opposite Kyuhyun’s, both drowsy and more relaxed than normal because of the wine they had been consuming steadily and the company which they knew would not judge them.

“On the trip, I saw Prince Junsu,” Kyuhyun spoke softly, knowing that this would be a sensitive subject.

The Qing Prince hummed but didn’t make a move, however his friend noticed the tension that suddenly filled the previously relaxed atmosphere. The royal avoided his friend’s eyes and fiddled with his wine flask.

“It wouldn’t work…”

“Is there no-”

Kyuhyun was cut off by a frustrated sigh.

“He is of the grasslands. He was raised on freedom and vast plains. If I brought him back here and placed him in a gilded cage would he survive?” Changmin’s voice was emotionless and hollow. “He is a gentle creature compared to the pretty wives of the Imperial court. They would eat him alive and he wouldn’t even realise what was happening. And Soojung… There is no way I would subject Junsu to having to be in the same household as that witch.”

“Changmin,” Kyuhyun let sympathy and understanding fill that word as he tried to think of words to comfort the other man.

“He was suffocate here. And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself watching him suffer. It’s bad enough with Qian-” Changmin stopped talking as emotion threatened to overwhelm him.

Kyuhyun remained silent but watched as his friend gulp down more wine, not in enjoyment like earlier but as a way to numb the pain and confusion.

“I couldn’t commit to him. He deserves better than me.”

Kyuhyun held his tongue and just watched, unable to find any words of comfort, as his friend drank long into the night.

The Favourite Maknae Test - Prologue

Title: The Favourite Maknae Test
Pairings: Surprise pairings, bff!KaiTaoHun
Genre: Humour, non-au, crack?
Rating: PG all the way
Summary: The maknaes want to know, once and for all, who is the favourite.

How It Started...

“I am clearly the favourite maknae. I am the youngest and definitely the cutest.”

Tao and Jongin shared a look of disbelief before turning back to their friend.

“You’re kidding right? Cos I am definitely cuter, you either look like a bitch or a dweeb the majority of the time. I do better aegyo and I have half the hyungs wrapped round my finger.”

“You don’t have them all though,” Jongin pointed out casually only to get a fierce glare from the eldest. He decided not to say anything else as he watched the two others descend into another petty fight. This happened on a daily basis, a bitchfight erupting over some tiny issue that neither agreed on but would be over in 10 minutes, both easily distracted, normally uniting about something completely different, typically it was bullying one of the hyungs.

“I have just as many hyungs wrapped round my fingers as you!” Sehun frowned bringing the conversation back round in a circle. “I bet I can make them pick me as favourite.”

“I don’t think so,” Tao’s eyes narrowed in warning.

“We should make them tell us!” Sehun declared, sure that if they asked the hyungs would pick him as the best maknae for sure. After all he was the official maknae and he was adorable and handsome and no one else could pull of rainbow hair like he could.

Jongin laughed, “What are you going to do? Make them vote? There is no way you could do that fairly. There would be bribery, bullying, bartering and worse. Think about who you are talking about here.” He laughed even harder as he imagined the pandemonium if Tao and Sehun declared a maknae elections.

Sehun had his serious face on while he watched Jongin nearly piss himself laughing. “We could test them though.”

Tao smirked as his brain followed Sehun’s, his eyes sparkling with excitement. “It would have to be a secret though. If they knew they would deliberately be difficult.”

Jongin had stopped laughing when he heard the two others talking in a calm way. Warning bells started going off in his head and getoutgetoutgetout flashed across his minds eye.

Sehun nodded in agreement and added, “Jongin would have to take part as well.”

“Of course,-”


“-he is a maknae as well and it also roots out any…” Tao struggled to find the Korean word, while Jongin tried to work out what was going on exactly. Sehun nodded at Tao, understanding even if no one else did.

Jongin sat there in a state of ever growing confusion as they debated what tests they should devise, rules that were needed and how this would be a fair test. Sighing to himself, he decided that if he was going to be dragged into the madness anyway he might as well save himself a fight (it wouldn’t really be a fight with him against both Sehun and Tao - they get everything they want whether you like it or not) and join in voluntarily. Plus this way he can influence the proceedings, so he waded into the discussion about how to test who was the favourite maknae of EXO.

Besides… he was the least bratty and the nicest so surely he would win. No one said he wasn’t competitive. And for a bonus he could hold this over Tao and Sehun’s heads forever.

Words You Can't Hear

Title: Words You Can't Hear
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG
Warning: Character Death
Word Count: 328

He watched the male every day. He watched him getting up in the morning with swollen eyes and tear tracks on his cheeks. He would watch the man stumble to the bathroom and ready himself for the day. Then hurry as he gulped down a cup of scalding coffee before running out of the door, late as he was nearly every day. He followed as the man squeezed himself on the bus during the morning rush to travel to work where he was looked at with sympathetic and pitying eyes that he could tell the man disliked. He knew that the slender man just wanted to get on with his day without being reminded constantly whenever he looked into someone’s eyes.

Later when the young man trudged home, he’d wait for him. He would sit silently and patiently on the sofa as the other prepared a dinner for one. He would wish that he could eat, that he could chat to the man who looked so lonely eating alone at the too large dinner table. He regretted persuading the other that a larger table was needed for when they had guests.

When the man climbed into bed earlier than he ever would have in the past and curled up into himself, he would lay down beside him, covering him with his non substantial self and whisper in his ear. He would beg him to stop, to let him go, to forget him, to get up, to get out, to leave this place and start again. He would whisper that he was alright here, that the man could be alright as well.

He would embrace him with his invisible arms and stupidly try and wipe the tears when he knew that he wouldn’t be able to but he can never stop himself from trying.

“I love you,” He murmurs and hopes that the other can sense his love and care, even if he cannot see, hear or feel him.